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Ben Nevis

Planning on tackling the mighty Ben Nevis?

Fort Willy Backpackers is the perfect base for your Ben Nevis adventure and our friendly staff are on hand to help you plan your ascent.

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As the highest mountain in the UK, Ben Nevis stands at 1,344 m (4,409ft) and over 100,000 people climb her every year.

There are various different routes that can be taken to the summit but the most popular is the ‘pony track’ which begins in Glen Nevis, just over the hill from our hostel.

Before any of our guests set out on their adventures we recommend that they ensure that they are properly equipped  and a check list is available in our information area.

We also ask that all guests fill in one of our Mountain Safety Forms before they head off.

Ben Nevis is an incredibly popular mountain to tackle which results in it being a pretty busy place especially during the summer months. As a result of this, the mountain and her trails are subjected to a lot of muddy boots and inevitably this causes environmental damage. Why not do your bit to help minimise this by taking all of your rubbish with you and leave nothing but your footprints?

If you want to do more, perhaps you will donate to our fantastic local charity ‘Friends of Nevis’. A link to their page can be found here:

Here are some links to some websites you may find helpful when planning your Ben Nevis adventure


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